building in herch tebit - 08 Jun 2010 (Offer For Sale)

Sin El Fil, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

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Listing Details

Reference: 3101
Sell Type: For Sale
List Price: 8,100,000 $
Date Listed: 08/June/2010


(T) this building is at boulevard herch tebit l habtour can be rent or sold, one shot or each floor alone, contains 7 floors and 3 underground floors that can be taken as depot.the ground floor is stores with 8 parkings plus 6 additional parkings for visitors.the 3rd underground warehouse is 350 m2 has main water tank(25m3) with electrical and mechanical rooms,2 parking and a 24 m2 balconies.the 2nd undergrounf floor has one store room with water tank room,8 parkings is 350 m2 plus 24 m2 balconies.the 1st one is 350 m2 with 24 m2 balconies, entrance concierge house and electric transformer room 8 parkings.the 1st floor is 440 m2 with balconies,2 offices each can benefit of 4 parking in the basement and the back yard.2nd floor:320 m2 100 m2 terrace,2 parkings.3rd,4th,5th and 6th floor:320 m2 2 parkings.7th floor:100 m2 220 m2 balconies,2 parkings, roof extension can be added.

Building For Sale in Sin El Fil, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon - 3101000000

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