Batroun Farm - 07 Dec 2010 (Offer For Sale)

Batroun, El Batroun, North, Lebanon

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Reference: 4368
Sell Type: For Sale
List Price: 2,300,000 $
Date Listed: 07/December/2010


(TH) A 28,000 m2 land in Batroun, this is a farming: 3464 Trees: sumac, citron, jujube, pomegranate, Ashta, guage, Figi, mango, kiwi, peach, banana, olive, vine, hazelnut, pine .... A whole irrigation system is set up, with 40,000 l. water, irrigation with a tree in controlled flow. This network is automated irrigation ... - 5700 m2 building vertical walls moving with the local white stone was set up on the site. The farm lives currently : 1 hound, 24 geese, 2 cocks, 124 chickens, 23 chicks, 150 pigeons, 70 hives of honey (bees). (Forecasts of honey per hive between 10 and 18 kg year). - A house for the caretaker built of white stone with a red roof, area of 120 m2 (2 bedrooms, 1 living room, bathroom, kitchen. - A deposit of 30 m2. - A well (legalized by the ministry) to 548 m depth overcomes a small building of 10 m2, with Italian ume pump (cant of pumping 100 liters of water per minute). - An electric generator (liest), has a capacity of 120 KVA - The domain is currently being certified by IMC (Instituto Mediterraneo Certificatione). Normally, fruit trees must be certified by 8 to 12 months. - It owns assets (pickups, tractor, website, visual identity etc ...) with a total of 65 KUSD.

Farm For Sale in Batroun, El Batroun, North, Lebanon - 4368000000

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