BODON MEGA CITY PROJECT - 22 Dec 2009 (Offer For Sale)

Ilat, Akkar, North, Lebanon

Listing Details

Reference: 2116
Sell Type: For Sale
List Price: BETWEEN 86,000 $ AND 780,000 $
Date Listed: 22/December/2009


Developer of this projcet: Bodon Group Investment. The project is located in the North Part of Lebanon Akkar, on the main Road, intersection of President Rene Mouad Airport (Qoleayat). The distance between the Project and Tripoli city is around 24 km. Akkar is located in the north part of lebanon and starting from Bared River to Syrian Border by an area of 776 Km2 and population around 478,000 in 216 villages. Objective: Commerce, Trading, Services.

Projects For Sale in Ilat, Akkar, North, Lebanon - 2116000000

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